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No More Exceed Data Plan in iPhone


DataCare is a handy tool to help you manage wireless data usage to prevent from exceed your data plan. You don't need to waste time to launch the wireless carrier's website because worried about using too much data. DataCare provides a simple way and useful informations to enable you manage wireless data very easily.


Install DataCare Now, Enjoy Network!


Daily Quota

Calculate the daily quota, automatically, you can use in the future

Base on daily quota to plan the data usage everyday, you never exceed data plan anymore. If you are tired to plan the data usage everyday, the simplest way is just keep your daily usage below the daily quota.


Alert you how many data you used recently and the new daily quota

When you use more than 15MB, DataCare alerts you the data usage automatically. If you want to check detail, then open DataCare. Unexpected big data usage is terrible, you have to find it out as soon as possibile.


Data usage by day and by location remind you why used data in the past

When and where are the important hints to keep all data usage in well-managed and plan correctly how to use data in the future.


DataCare vs DataCare Pro

DataCare Pro only supports the iOS 8 and later to provide more functionalities which only allowed on the latest iOS, such as Today extension and Apple Watch.

DataCare is free with ads and provides only limited functionalities to support iOS 6 and later, you can pay to remove ads and enable more features.

Feature DataCareDataCare Pro
Supported iOS iOS 6 - iOS 9iOS 8 - iOS 9
Monitor WiFi YesYes
Monitor 3G/4G YesYes
Calibrate Data Usage YesYes
Location Usage YesYes
Notification YesYes
Modify Notification Size NoYes
Badge NoYes
Daily Quota YesYes
Unlimited Data Plan YesYes
Advertising Yes
(Paid to remove)
Basic Colour Themes YesYes
More Colour Themes Yes
More Layouts NoYes
iPad Slide Over, Split View NoYes
Apple Watch NoYes
Today Extension NoYes
Share with Friend NoYes
Background Photo NoYes
Fullscreen Mode NoYes





DataCare Pro



  • Why does DataCare require Notification permission?
    • Ans: DataCare uses local notification to alert you useful informations, such as daily quota, billing cycle starts and ends, data usage per 15 MB.
  • Does DataCare use a lot of battery power?
    • Ans: iOS 7 and later provide battery usage percentage per app, in my iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1, DataCare takes less than 1% and DataCare Pro takes less than 2% in 24 hours. In 7 days, DataCare and DataCare Pro both are out of top 18 apps.
  • Can DataCare provide data usage of each app usage?
    • Ans: Due to iOS security restriction, DataCare can't get other app's status. But, iOS builtins a simple profiling feature for 3G/4G data usage per app, you can access in Settings.app => [Mobile Network] and scroll down to find the 3G/4G statistics.
  • Why does not DataCare show the up-to-date statistics?
    • Ans: DataCare may takes several seconds to calculate the data usage as the collected data grow to thousands.
  • Can DataCare show the amount of remaining data size?
    • Ans: Sure, please tap the circle contains daily quota in the cover page.
  • It is really noisely to see data usage report every 15MB, can I adjust it to 30MB or other size?
    • Ans: This functionality only available for DataCare Pro.

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